Recruiting in Today’s Job Market

A superior recruiting experience to place happy and productive future employees.

Our 7 steps to finding a great match for your culture :

  1. Company Discovery Meeting – We get to know your culture, hiring goals, and needs for your open positions. Discuss timelines, position description, and Hire Texans process overview.
  2. Create Job Model – We send you a 30-question JDA survey to complete. The JDA survey is based on the traits you would like to see in your future employee for the specific position description, and a job model is created with your JDA survey.
  3. Recruit We aggressively recruit for each position description through many resources.
  4. Job Candidate Discovery Meeting – This is the first step in truly getting to know each job candidate. Once the job candidate passes this step, the next phase is for the job candidate to take the PDPglobal ProScan Assessment.
  5. Job Candidate Business Meeting – A Business meeting is conducted with the job candidate to ensure they possess the expertise (Hard skills) needed for the position description. These questions are specific to the position description and direct experience in the industry.
  6. Company Job Candidate Review – Depending on the industry/position description, our goal is to send you 2-3 job candidates to choose from. During the company candidate review, we will review our top choices and send you the job candidate’s Resume/ CV, PDPglobal ProScan, Applicant Match report (How the candidate ranked against the job model), as well as any presence the job candidate has on the web e.g. LinkedIn profile, speaking engagements, blogs/industry specific material written by a job candidate, etc
  7. Collaborate – We will collaborate with you to schedule our top job candidates for meetings with the current team members of your choice. At this stage, we suggest these meetings are in person and happen as quickly as scheduling allows.

In a post-pandemic world, developing our “People Strategy” is first and foremost on our minds. Our mission is to put the future PEOPLE of your organization through a world-class selection process and find you the hire that you deserve. Our team takes a transparent approach and represents your company in an accurate and professional manner at all times. Through our proven methods, we will match the right person with the right expertise keeping your company culture as our sole focus throughout the entire process. Our formula is simple: Create, Engage, and Deliver-CREATE solid job models with your position description / company culture in mind, ENGAGE with the top job candidates that fit the hard and soft skills of the position and DELIVER a long-term, world-class hire to you.