PDPglobal ProScan Assessments

PDPglobal Assessments are concise, easy, and reliable tool to assess a job candidate’s strengths, how their current external environmental factors are affecting their strengths, logic style, and kinetic energy. Statistical research of working adults enables the powerful PDPglobal ProScan to produce reliable results to accurately uncover a person’s naturally preferred leadership communication and backup styles. The survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works most effectively and reacts under stress while improving productivity, collaboration, and your company culture.

5 Ways PDPglobal ProScans/ TeamScans can be the most effective in your workplace:

  1. PDPglobal TeamScan is a great team-building tool for any of your C Suite, board members, and individual departments. TeamScans can prevent siloed communication amongst teams and fuel cross-team communication- essential to driving productivity, profit, and job satisfaction.
  2. PDPglobal ProScans are used in the hiring and recruiting process to identify a job candidate’s soft skills in relation to the overall culture of a company and individual traits needed for the job position.
  3. PDPglobal ProScans can be effective as a coaching tool for your employees who report up to you to promote better communication and collaboration with you and your employees.
  4. A side-by-side PDPglobal ProScan can be effective with job positions that work closely together to get results. For example, CEO and VP of Operations.
  5. PDPglobal ProScan enables any team member in any position to truly understand and operate under their natural strengths. Operating under our natural strengths rather than focusing on our weaknesses, gives us more leverage in our personal and work relationships.

PDPglobal ProScan Assessments are conducted after the discovery meeting with the job candidate. These robust assessments are statistically based, as opposed to being theory-based like so many other assessments. The statistical validity of the PDPglobal ProScan is amazing with it being more than 96% accurate. The PDPglobal ProScan helps us see a person as they really are. Their natural preferred way of operating. It’s like holding up a mirror so people can truly see themselves. As PDP professional Dr. Lynn Owens likes to say, “Your PDPglobal ProScan profile is your gift from God, but your behavior and how you utilize your strengths is your choice.”  The job candidate’s PDPglobal ProScan Assessment is inserted into the job model and a job applicant match report is generated. The candidate must have a 60% or > outcome on this finding to ensure they possess all the necessary traits to perform the job. Targeting a job candidate’s hard skills (Resume, CV) + soft skills (Job Models, PDPglobal ProScan Assessments)  = a winning combination for you and your organization.