Job Modeling

PDPglobal job modeling is an excellent tool we use to focus on the traits that you would like to see in the job candidate for the job position. The job model is part of the prep work prior to the recruitment of a job candidate and should be aligned with the position description. We can create a job model in a variety of different ways. It’s all in the strategy of developing a model that truly depicts the job position, your culture, and your current team members who have proven to be rockstars in your organization.

 Our 4 steps to a solid job model:

  1. Study the position description to identify the traits you want to focus on with your future employee.
  2. Fill out the 30-question Job Discovery Assessment (JDA) survey. The JDA survey will allow you to rate the importance of the traits you want to see in the job candidate.
  3. Identify any current team members within your organization that possess the traits you would like to see in the new future employee. We will have the current team member take a PDPglobal Assessment.
  4. Create the job model by using the JDA survey, or current team members’ PDPglobal ProScan Assessment, or both. We can input multiple people into a job model and that’s where the strategy for the perfect new employee comes in!

Job modeling is a tool we use to combine the position description and traits you want to see in your future employee. Job modeling gives you insight into the job candidates’ soft skills as well as how the job candidate prefers to operate. We believe creating a solid job model keeping your position description and company culture in mind is a game changer for placing the right person in the right company culture.

Job models can be created in many strategic ways. We can create a job model through the Job Discovery Assessment (JDA) Survey. The JDA Survey is a 30-question survey that allows you to rate what level of traits are needed to be successful in the position. Another great way to develop a job model is to have an existing high-performing employee, already working in your organization, take a survey. The resulting job model will create a duplicate job model of an existing rock star employee. Our team will focus our candidate search around any job model we strategically create.